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I sat under the naked tree as one single white stork-like bird, surrounded by a gang of many darkly feathered friends, flew overhead.


They lingered, caught up in a wind stream that sent them soaring higher and higher directly overhead.


I sat mesmerized.

They began to move on and I reopened my book and let out a small audible gasp as I read these words:


“The stork in the sky knows her seasons, the ocean tide rolls in on schedule, snow always covers the high mountains, but human beings are like nothing else in nature. God cannot control them. Yet he cannot simply thrust them aside either. He cannot get humanity out of his mind.”


From #phillipyancey ‘s book Disappointment with God.

I had been making my way through Yancey's book and felt in that moment equally paralysed and seen. I am so glad the Creator cannot get me out of His mind. It is no small comfort for me as I remember that He is not some wrecking-ball God who is only about the big projects. Sure, world hunger, pandemics and wars are on his radar. I know He cares about the enormity of these things and the impact governmental and individual decisions make on each human and nation. But this God that admittedly some days feels far off in the heavens is also incredibly personal, relatable and intimate.

He cares about the small details.

The seemingly insignificant things that to others probably seem like nothing.

But not to Him.

This is personal.

He speaks of relationship.



Just like Jesus called His disciples by name, He calls me too.

He knows the number of hairs on my head.

He is with me NOW.

In the heartache.

In the hurt.

In the humanity.

If you are in the middle of some hard thing friend, I encourage you to remember those 3 things:

He calls you by name.

He knows the number of hairs on your head.

He is with you now.

He knows it so well Himself.

He has been there before.

He calls me forth to engage with Him if I am willing.

And I pray as He calls you forth that you will open your heart, if you are willing, to engage with Him too.

I pray that He may speak to you in some significant and meaningful way today.

Lusi x

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