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walking contrADICTION


Heritage: Australian | Fijian

Genres: Pop, Country, Alt Folk, Acoustic Singer-Songwriter, Alt Hip Hop

EP Release: 2020

Recorded at: Dotted Eight Studio Orange NSW 

Produced by: Craig Honeysett

Label: Independent

Official Website:


Walking Contradiction is Lusi’s first solo studio EP. The songs are a collection of stories based on universal experiences of our shared humanity: love, nostalgia, loneliness, letting go, overcoming and relinquishing control. Some of the songs are based on Lusi’s own experiences and some are from stories gathered from others around her. All were written by Lusi in stolen moments of quiet in her otherwise busy homelife: a chorus of rhythms of daily life as a wife to one and a mother of five.  

Lusi believes there is beauty to behold and tales to be told of the mundane moments of life and relationship. The stories, the lyricism and the musicality of each song are the most important parts for Lusi rather than trying to manipulate them stylistically for the sake of fitting into one particular genre. As such you could say she writes in an eclectic way which in and of itself can seem like a walking contradiction.

Please note that there is a trigger warning for the song 'So Far' as it deals with depression and suicide. Please contact 1300 22 4636 or check out additional support  >> HERE.

Please know that you matter. 

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