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Before getting into the nitty gritty of unpacking and learning a script or the score of a musical, something I've always found helpful has been learning to work with the other members of the cast. For Intertwined, this sometimes looked like the ensemble working together and then the leads/understudies on another day. And then having both groups meet and work together too. I have found that breaking bread together helps people feel at ease with one another. Music, play, listening to each other and bouncing ideas around all also help. Below are selections of photographs taken over various weekends when the cast got together. Sometimes we worked on creating a tableaux. At other times we worked on actions and Laban efforts. We experimented with pace in movement. The cast learned how to warm up together and we even paired it back to intercostal diaphragmatic breathing. Trust building exercises and others that focussed on connection were introduced. The outcome was always the same - this cast committed to what was being asked of them - and they showed up for each other in their commitment and support. Below: Image 1: Aylie Corkery (lead TEEN GIRL character) shares changes she had made to one section of a monologue.

Image 2: Ashley Diprose (lead AUSTRALIAN SOLDIER), Aylie Corkery and Lusi discuss actions and Laban efforts. Image 3: Still life inspiration from an artwork. Aylie and Ash brainstormed some quick lines of dialogue and then altered their delivery based on their changing actions.


Image 1: Exchange of songs - Davie Cutmore (understudy for ABORIGINAL MAN) shares his beautiful voice with us.

Image 2: Jerikye Williams (lead ABORIGINAL MAN) and Davie Cutmore talk about the script together to further develop character. Image 3: Listening to one another is an important skill to develop on and off stage.


Image 1: Ensemble members Elliott Bennett, Trish Gundersen, Melissa Stewart and Laura Bennett rehearsing their parts together at Club Cowra (our major sponsor).

Image 2: Davie Cutmore and Lawrance Ryan (ensemble members) listening to vocal guides. Image 3: Ensemble members Laura Bennett, Robyn Ryan and Millie Gould (understudy for TEEN GIRL) practice their parts.

*Photographs all taken by Stassi Austin Whether learning vocal parts, discussing script changes or warming up, the cast of Intertwined show up to work. They lean into what is required and are a joy to work with. The workshops have hit the spot for creating community, a safe space and a creative atmosphere. More again soon, Lusi x

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