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Author. Musician. Content Creator. Speaker.

As long term homeschoolers, Lusi began creating PDF printable templates to share with others, creating both free and paid content for others in the Australian homeschooling community.

The 'That Homeschool Life' website was created to host products, resource lists and Lusi's THL blog. 

This grew into a paid platform and the THL Paid Membership (renamed in 2022 to 'The Australian Homeschool Hub') was born with its own forum, resource library (with over 550 printables in it) and other unique content.

Lusi has been featured on Fearless Homeschool's 'Feels Like Home' podcast, has been a speaker and presenter at both the 2020 and 2021 Australian Homeschool Summit and has her own ecourse called 'Engaging Your Reluctant Homeschool Writer'. 

In 2023, Lusi will run and host the Inaugural THL Homeschooling Women's Retreat - the first of its kind in the Central West of NSW. Read HERE for more details. 

Interested in having Lusi chat on a podcast? Contact her via email HERE.

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