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Last year I had the privilege of being involved in a special musical project. It was a collaborative piece written by Australian composer Nic Gentile. Nic was commissioned to write a composition for World Peace Day. I wrote the lyrics in the third section.

This was from the Cowra Civic Centre's facebook page HERE:

"A year ago, we had commissioned young, Australian composer, Nicholas Gentile to compose music for World Peace Day. Given the restrictions in place at that time, we had a recording made of the 16-minute composition for orchestra and choir, strapped speakers to the back of two utes and drove through the streets of Cowra for 3 hours. If the audience couldn't come to us, we would take the music to the people!

A year later and we are sadly in lockdown and there hasn't been any possibility of organising a live performance. Yet! We are committed to doing this though in the future. Until then, we wanted to recognise World Peace Day by sharing the recording once again with you. Take 16 minutes out today, close your eyes and let the music wash over you as you think about the role of peace in your world.

And a special shout out to Lusi Austin who wrote the words in the third section. Enjoy!

You can listen to it on sound cloud HERE.

Lusi x

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