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Reality looks like this as well as being upright.

As well as being happy.

As well as being productive.

Reality looks like meds and pacing, like tears and frustrations.

It looks like preserving spoons.

It looks like smiling through pain.

Reality is shifting gears.

And is making the most of the good days.

And letting go of guilt on the rough ones.

Reality is coming to terms with the fact that this is long term.

And that there is joy to be found in the little things.

And that I miss my old life.

Reality is dealing with changing symptoms and celebrating the joy of easier moments when they come too.

Reality is being incredibly grateful for all the opportunities I have had already in my life and yearning for ones I know now are more than likely out of reach.

Reality is learning that it’s ok to hold both at the same time.

Grief and gratitude can dwell together.

Lusi x

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